Web App Width and General Poor Space Usage

The web app seems to be just the (admittedly excellent) app version in web view and isn’t really fit for . The screen real estate isn’t used at all. For instance take the searching for the ETFs page:


It is very clunky when looking and researching. Quick numbers and graphs are needed for making a decision to rule out what you don’t want before deciding what you do. Take for instance eToro, their ETF page has a collapsible sidebar, fund names and symbol, increase/decrease etc etc.


Anyway, apart from ETF data there is quick navigation to stocks, indicies etc and all with words under the symbols making navigation easier.

The best example of it being frustrating is when choosing from a list, like so:

I can’t see the whole names, price, change or exchange. Quite annoying when some have identical names but some are accumulating and some are distributing.

There is also the problem of pressing the back button in the browser, it takes you away from the site completely.

Is Trading212 thinking of a redesign? I love it but I find it slower and more difficult to use than others.


I think Trading 212 could also look at the design of the desktop environments of Scalable Capital, eToro, and Plus500, as they have the best desktop interfaces in my opinion. It also makes sense to me that the desktop environment is set up differently from the mobile app since they are used differently.

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100%. The app is excellent on a phone, certainly one of the best, but for investors who use a computer it is wholly not fit for purpose and is stopping me from using it anything but part time.

It’s a massive pity because 212 seems to have more to invest in but it just take too long to rule out what you DON’T want.


The web app needs a complete redesign from ground up. It looks like it has been designed by a committee without any leadership. “we should add this” “We should add that” “make sure this is always visible”. I can imagine the meetings…

In my assets table I need to see Book value, Market value, Difference and % difference and they all need to be SORTABLE.

I don’t need a thousand technical indicators on the chart; I don’t even need tabs on the chart.
I do need notifications to be clickable and to bring me to the relevant stock with its chart and my transactions history.
I do need the buy/sell buttons always visible on the chart.

Out of curiosity I tried it in portrait and actually it looks better although still the buy/sell buttons are not visible while there is still wasted space for chart options and top bars.

Maybe it would be better to have a two columns view with securities table in one column and charts in another.
This actually looks pretty decent for a horizontal screen.

And btw I couldn’t care less about stocks icons. I hope you’re not wasting developers time on this.

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And in the search can you please let me filter by currency?
If there are multiple versions of an ETF I only want to see the one traded in my home currency.
Thank you


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Filter by currency would be incredibly useful


Personally, I find such a design useful because you can search for the cfds from one screen and buy it


And a filter of ETps of crypto’s based on type of coin or material such as Scalable Capital are also handy

Dion, could you do a screenshot of Plus500’s listing of something like ETFs please, the main window would be perfect.

Like I mentioned here

look what I can fit inside the empty spaces

and in 1440 pixels height this design can display a whole 8 transactions! (no details about any transactions but…)

It is so caricaturistic(ly) wrong in so many different places, I don’t even think there was any thought given to web app at all.

It is just a mobile app displayed in a browser… or may be someone designed it on an iphone? or tablet? or tablet size laptop that is so slim, it looks the best in random high street coffee chain


It’s pretty shocking.

It’s even more annoying that there has been no comment by an admin or dev here.

Are they working on it?
If not, will they be in the future?
If yes, is there an ETA? Can we test an alpha or beta?

Could a member of the devops team tell us how far they are along the stage? Is it in planning?

Anything would be nice

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Here are some pictures of the Plus500 demo and the Crypto etp. overview of Scalable Capital (from the YouTube instructions). I think Plus500 provides better inspiration for the CFD main screen of the platform, while Scalable Capital is more suitable for the investment account and community presentation. Additionally, I have included some photos from the eToro environment for the search window, as I believe we can learn a lot from eToro for our research page.


Schermafbeelding 2024-07-06 113926

Schermafbeelding 2024-07-06 113730

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I doubt they are working on it, since current interface is “new”

There is a long thread of thousands and thousands of posts about it when it was first announced “New Web App (Beta)”