Nikola return $NKLA

Yeah GM pulled out of that 11% stake, pretty sure it was the week at the end of November


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I’ve been so busy at work, I missed the announcement and would have acted differently at that time. But, I’ll keep for the long haul :grin:


It was only a week or so after GM announced the deal when the short seller revealed all the lies like letting it roll down the hill and it was ‘in motion’ BS.

Mary Barra was always going to pull out but she knew she couldn’t do it straight away as GM would look foolish for not doing their DD and could tank their own SP. There was a get out clause period where they were always going to get out.

I know hindsight is a wonderful thing. :slightly_smiling_face:

I really hope they manage to go after Trevor for making billions from tricking thousands. I’m sure we’ll get a netflix movie out in 2025.

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It’s an absolute scam with only drawings of vehicles and a truck that can’t power itself. No revenue (nevermind profits) and a former CEO who will likely go to jail. A quick search on YouTube would have found many videos discussing this month’s ago

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Badger looked minted as well! :tipping_hand_man:

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The Badger and the Electrameccanica eRoadster are the two best looking EVs currently in the works.

I do like a Polestar as well. Hope they go public.

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The Badger has been ditched completely right?! At least that was my take on the recent news. I do hope they come back to it once they’ve got their trucks rolling out the door … :roll_eyes:

That eRoadster isn’t to my taste, however they’ve taken an old style vehicle and put the 21st century into it. People will buy it for sure. Different colours might sway me.

Polestar looks good. IPO after they’ve released a product going by a comment from their CEO;

Takes a swipe at Nicola and Fisker! :rofl:

Oh I stopped following Nikola news a while ago - that’s a shame if it’s been dropped. Feel sorry for all the folk with reservations. Gutting.

Yeah I saw some chat of an IPO a while ago but didn’t sound anytime soon, which I’m fine with for now.

Oh absolutely. Stuck with a Cybertruck now! :rofl:

This is not advice, but I have a set of rules, if a stock is dropping by a certain % I re-evaluate and decide if i’m going to dump it, also I never chase a loosing trade. If its wrong, then i sell out take a look at what went wrong and stay away from getting back in just to try and chase back the loss.

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