NIO Inc ISA eligibility

Today, a new Leveraged and Short ETPs will be listed on the LSE by GraniteShares.
NIO Leveraged and Short 3x ETPs

Like all others L&S ETP of GraniteShares, NIO’s ETPs are eligible to ISA Account.

Important note: Leveraged and Short ETP are not designed for long term investment but for tactical short term trade, or for high conviction mid-term investment.

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Just to inform (sorry, I was not looking to spam), that even if the listing of the new ETP was today… some of these new ETPs was not quoting today. The issue will be solved tomorrow.
Have a good evening!

i only want to trade in the isa, for tax benefits. but id like to include some chinese shares like NIO / etc.
there are some of these shares in ETF and leveraged shares.
how do these trade ?
do they trade in uk market hours or usa market hours?

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@Oktay could explain better how works the Leverage Shares ETPs, especially the ISA eligible Chinese stocks ETPs.


As always, thanks for the tag @RLX :slight_smile:

@toadman maybe I can clarify a few things:

  1. The ETPs mentioned here trade during UK market hours.
  2. These trade like any other ETF (you can get into and out of positions throughout the day).
  3. We just released ETPs that track single stocks (i.e. NIO, on a 1-to-1 basis, no leverage. And yes - these can be held in an ISA. Here’s a link to a post I made about them :point_down: Let me know if you have any questions!

great thanks for replying.

is there a list of the 1-to1 basis stocks ?

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The Leverage Shares x1 ETPs:

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Same here it is hard to believe that people are taxed for unrealised profit ?? If they tax the unrealised profit what about compnesating for unreliased loss ??

Could anyone else confimr this ? Any link to this ??

Shouldn’t NIO be available in our ISAs now it’s been Listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange?

I’m no expert but this thread leads me to believe that now it has a HK Listing it should be allowed, no?

Hey, @Haggis.

It’s still not available. Below is the most recent information we’ve shared regarding the topic. :point_down:

NIO should definitely be available in the ISA

I’ve been purchasing in ISA’s with other Brokers - even today. They say it is now OK since it’s listed out of Hong Kong too.

Please check your data


I’ve been looking at this now and again since trading 212 removed it. Interactive investors initially removed it and now is available in their ISA

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Just another quic follow up, Hargreaves’s lansdown also removed it and now it’s available. I do believe Hargreaves’s is one of the better brokers and if it wasn’t allowed it wouldn’t be there.

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Just been notified this is now available for ISA

Can’t buy though, or find it in search to add to watchlist

Yes your right!

@Bogi.H @Team212

Could you look into why we are unable to buy NIO yet?

Not sure if they have fixed something since you chaps have mentioned this, but the option to buy works on the iOS App for me.

Maybe you just need a quick restart of the app or logout/login for a fresh instrument update?

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Done that a few times but nothing happens when you hit the buy button nothing happens

I can get as far as Review Order before confirmation/execution but havent completed a trade and dont have the free funds to test this for you sorry but it looks like its ready to execute my end, again this is on iOS.

I guess 212 need to help on the troubleshooting from here, sorry :upside_down_face:

Hey everyone :wave:

Nio, Inc. (NIO) is now ISA-compliant and available for trading. If you’re still unable to trade with NIO on the ISA, refreshing the app by logging out and back in should do the trick. Thanks for all your input. :thumbsup: