What will happen

When stock-split happens, what will happen with my profit?
Is it better to sell this before stock split or not?

Since you have fractional shares, they will be sold for you close to 31 August and you can use the money to buy new shares after the split occurs. Or you can sell the holding yourself at any time before the split at 31 August, It will really not make much difference to your profit which way you do it.

So that profit will go to free funds too?

Yes, your free funds will receive whatever money is raised from the share sale. If you sold now you would get close to the market value number of 36.79 and this would be added to free funds.

Out of curiosity when all the fractional platforms sell and leave it for customers to rebuy will there be a price dip on the day or is this so tiny it wont affect the market?

Interesting question. AAPL trading volume is 30 million shares per day. Likely to be greater around 31 August. Suppose 1m clients worldwide have fractional shares. If typical holding is 0.25 share, brokers will have 250,000 shares to sell.

I suspect there will be plenty of people ready to step in to buy up shares at the new lower nominal price. So my guess is that there will be no discernable effect. My guess is that price will rise. I’ve topped up my own pie holding to 2.0000376 so as to be minimally affected.

But your 0.0000376 will be sold, how will you cope? :cry:

Sudden loss of appetite, shortness of breathe, increased heartbeat… :violin:

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I estimate it will add $0.03 to my free funds.

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At the end of the day my 0.0000376 seems to have been sold for 0 rather than the $0.0187 that I had expected. Lol.

Correction. I’ve now found 1p in my pie cash! Panic over. :scream:

Will be invested next time I add to this pie.

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Glad it wasn’t lost :joy:

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