Not a big thing, but if team would find spare time

I don’t know how many other stocks have similar issue, those are only few which I invested in…

All those stock have icon as they were fractional and on the oder hand in instrument details they have minimum trading quantity :

AAF (1)
AMC (1)
BCN (1)
GGP (1)
KEFI (50)
KOD (1000)
NIO (1)
PMO (1)

@Team212 Can you please change icons for those or instrument details whichever is closer to truth?

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Hello, @Ashige!

All of the mentioned instruments are fractionable. Here is an example:

If you place value order for 10 GBP and instrument X costs 1.20 GBP per share. You have to buy 8.333 quantity of the instrument X which means the instrument is available for fractions although the minimum quantity is 1.

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Fair enough if that’s the reasoning behind this