Not all stocks listed in this platform

Hi Team,

I am new to this trading platform. I wanted to add some stocks of Signal Advance Inc. (SIGL ) in NYSE.
But don’t find it listed in your platform. Is it possible to buy still ?
When will you be able to have it in your platform ?


@s.pala Added. :white_check_mark:

I hope you don’t invest in Signal Advance Inc. thinking they are the company behind the Signal Private Messenger app…


Thanks for the info. I noticed it later from some forums. Signal Private Messenger app isn’t a publicly traded company as yet.

But still this share Signal Advance has actually surged 5,643%, pushing its market value to $3.164 billion from a mundane $55 million.( may be more now) :rofl: :rofl:


The same thing happened to Zoom at the start of the first lockdown. :joy:

Probably a good strategy to buy similar sounding businesses. Amazing how people dump money in without checking.

Here it is, went to 20 now worth 0.20