November Stocks Bundle - Now Live!

Thanks, I see some very interesting ETFs that I’d like to investigate for sure, including the iShares MSCI Quality Factor ones that I was already interested in.

Need to go over the ETFs I invested in and compare them with the alternatives after this batch. Also I can’t wait for OTC stocks to become fractional :smiley:

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This is so awesome! :slight_smile: I love it

this is awesome … thank you…

it will take some time to read it all ahaahah

@PeterA Unfortunately still missing following accumulating ETFs which I have requested a long time ago.


Thank you in advance.

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Do you know when we will be able to add these to our pie? They don’t show up there.

I think it will be because they’re not fractional yet (as mentioned above). Have a look at the instrument details and if it says Minimum Traded Quantity: 1 then it’s a no go for now…

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Thanks @PeterA - nice haircut by the way. :wink:


seems like it is finally time to say good bye to IG for me… o no wait, gonna keep them live purely for the indicator based alerts :smirk:

How can I know which ones will be available as fractional shares?

thank you

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a small F sign appear on the top left side of the symbol of the share


I understand… thank you

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Looking good!
Any prospect of Korean shares in the future?

Whether Korea will be one of those new exchanges… :man_shrugging:t2:

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Hi Peter,

I requested Sensyne Health (SENS) to be added, which it has, however the price hasn’t moved for 1 1/2 days. It’s been at p123.08 while the price has moved from p115.00 to p123.00 just today but no movement on the site? It still gives me the option to buy which I didn’t as I wasn’t sure at what price I would be buying.

Please could you let me know whether it is live or still in some sort of “test” mode?

Thank you.


Having a quick look through noticing stocks like Tesco, SSE, BAE systems, under USD. Aren’t these already on 212? And should be GBX?

Tesco as an example is on the LSE under the ticker TSCO

This is adding an additional OTC which are USD under the ticker TSCDY

From the UK you’d be crazy not to have TSCO in ISA. The OTC is Invest only and you’ll be having to take the exchange rate into account.


Could you please add $ABR (Arbor Realty Trust) ?
Thank you in advance :+1::slightly_smiling_face:


Don’t forget that a lot of clients are not in UK and for Europeans could be better to have the option in USD instead of GBP.

And also in case of British people, I have friends that use the ISA only with funds and ETF (everything GBP) but then the Invest account only in USD.

In my opinion I don’t like to use OTC stocks but for a lot of people is and advantage and it’s good to have the option.


@Centrino Added. :white_check_mark: