Online chat does not help at all!

I wrote to chat about stuck calcelling prder and qhat you know? I did not get answer, but chat window was closed. I get that you get a lot questions, but explanation of aituation would be helpfuland not ignore customers! @Team212 @Tony.V
That does not look profesional, like agent joined, left. Or chat closing without response from T212 side


Agreed! I’ve wrote twice but get a ‘chat expired’ notification when nobody has replied :joy:

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I don’t doubt the above comments made, however every time I have used the in-chat option within the iOS app my queries have been answered quickly with little queue or delay.

Maybe during peak times this is different.


Had the same happening to me

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Glad you had great experience. But I had terrible experience. I get they might get hundreds or thousands of questions today, when system is slow, but at least I expected something like
“Sorry for inconvenience, we are working on the issue”, I would know they know issue and are working on it.
Now I got chat’s closed, saw in Forum msg issue resolved, but was not the case, so I feel left alone :frowning: Good that I saw that others also had issue. I get technical difficulties, time constraints, but just copy paste such message and people see what’s happening and feel much safer and know issue is worked on.

@Rolandas A delay might be experienced before speaking with us due to the volume. I’m sorry to read about your negative experience today - it’s definitely not how we want you to feel about our service. Our team works tirelessly to attend to all of the inquiries.

Thanks for informing me about this, but it felt not good when chat’s closed without answers.
I see my issue was solved through this forum.

But I appreciate the response here. At least feels, that T212 staff still responds and takes notice, that’s a positive.

I understand what you’re referring to. The automatic chat closure (if we do not pick up the chat within a reasonable time frame) aims to balance the upcoming load. Instead of keeping you waiting over the chat, a ticket will be created after the chat closure, and our team will follow up later on.

Thank you for explaining.

Suggestion, at least post an automatic message with the info like you gave me.
“Sorry, support is busy, your ticket has been registered, we will come back to you”
Or similar, would help alleviate the fear, that no one responds.

But know I’m feeling much better, knowing that a ticket is register and issue will be solved, even when it looked, no response.

Thanks again for information.