Online Pie Calculator

:rofl: :arrow_heading_up:

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Thanks @adm

I am indeed slightly drunk



I feel like this is a clue as to your identity but… Edinburgh. Everyone in finance here is drunk.

It’s been a day


And thanks to those wanting FinKi API keys that I’ve taken ages to respond to… Your patience is appreciated… startup life is hard and I find it difficult to strike the right balance … :weight_lifting_woman:

Yeah, good luck … feel free to speculate… you’ll be wrong!!! :kissing_heart:

But agreed. Edinburgh = excess drink, excess food. I have put on over 6kg since lockdown. Tonight I went to Fierce Beer and then ordered pizza. Healthy? Nope!!!

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:tumbler_glass: Cheers guys :+1:

I must admit, have not used Finki yet, something I really must unearth.
I think there must be something in the water … “whisky”… up in Scotland way though, as both of you are some of the most helpful chaps i’ve found on this forum :smiley:

So - thanks guys, keep up your awesome work

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I’m in!!! :raised_back_of_hand::grin:

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Muchas gracias @adm

I’m not actually Scottish , but my wife is and I genuinely think Edinburgh is an amazing city and recommend it to anyone - in finance or otherwise. I’m 10 years here (mostly) now. Every time I go back to London to work for a startup I end up thinking this is not for me!

Here to help. Not always fully present these days but always here.

Use and abuse me


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Just been browsing the site, just getting a gist. I’ll grab an API key soon.
I’m just getting my feet wet with Javascript right now and into API’s etc, so looking at all this on two stand points - one for the stocks and one for my own programming interest. :slight_smile:

Cool project to keep watch of. :+1:

I’ll keep it at a glass of wine. Not interested in the rest. :wink:


Website soooo neglected for months now. I’m also clearly not a ‘design’ guy… I’m a good amateur, nothing else. Operations monkey by trade. Wannabe dev.

Master of None

Lots to learn

Well that narrows the field a bit. 10 years ago I’d just, come back from travelling so it’s State Street, Citi or Kames Capital. :thinking: Walter Scott an unlikely outside bet.

Wonder if my original suspicion is correct (I’ll never tell).

Agreed. Great team but management made the place a giant headless chicken.

So I was thinking Kames. So now I need to think. Threadneedle, Threadneedle… I’ll ask Babs.

I’ll get around to requesting one eventually 🤦

JavaScript is nice and easy :joy: you’ll get the hang of it in no time. I miss getting the chance to flex my java and c++ but I’d be so rusty at this point :face_vomiting:

Go for Kotlin and don’t look back :wink:

Had to Google it. Nice to see that it works with Java so I wouldn’t be completely out of the loop. Currently use JavaScript for work purposes

I’m weirdly enjoying this game as I know you have virtually no chance of getting it correct.

Not that I doubt your Inspector Gadget-like detection skills.

I’m not even that precious about hiding who I am. Lots on here who email FinKi already know… and are sufficiently underwhelmed

Still. This is fun. But ultimately leads to disappointment. Like so many things.


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I’m starting to wonder if I’ll even remember when you tell me now! Ha ha!

Think I left Citi just as Threadneedle was kicking off. Not sure…

I’m currently using EODHistoricalData API for a project I’m working on. They’re cheap compared to a lot of others – you wouldn’t believe the battle I’ve had trying to find reasonably priced APIs… (Finnhub :angry::angry::angry: )