Online Pie Calculator

I don’t mind to pay if it’s for a project that I will make money as well… but for an open-source free time project, I’m very conservative on this :slightly_smiling_face:

Yahoo Finance may be my way to go.


You used to be able to “cheat” Finnhub. Throw your requests through a proxy without a key… used to work… not sure it still does… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I finally sent a request for an API key :raised_hands:

In which case You’ll get an automated email later today with your API key … and a lot of ramble designed to help newcomers and answer recurring questions… it’s like War & Peace in email form :books:


What is the status of this? Tried to understand the GitHub repo, but couldn’t understand it.

Not changed since the first “release”, I’m a bit busy with a portfolio manager app in my free time :disappointed:
Anything specific that you would like to have there?

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There’s definitely a market for a good tracker!

I’m currently working on my own in sheets, which in fairness should be pretty straight forward as I rarely sell anything because I’m long.

That being said, I pay the sub for stock master but the exchange rate makes it have a complete meltdown :man_facepalming:

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I’m doing for my own usage, so it won’t fit everyone for sure, but since I’m working on it, it will be available on App Store.

Still looking for a way to just feed only ticker symbols to such a script and calculate target weight based on 10 or 15 yrs history. Can’t find any. Was thinking about cloning it, however I don’t know Kotlin.

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I just need an API that provides that data, if someone knows any free API that does this, I can implement it in few days :wink:

I recently start playing with IEX Cloud. They have a free plan, it doesn’t have all data though.

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