Opt out of beta?

I searched the site and the forums but nothing popped up. I somehow managed to have the beta set as default but I have wide screens so I would like to swap back to the old version that takes advantage of my screen size. Where can I do that?
Thanks for your time!

I find myself doing this increasingly, mainly to gain the info. on the right-hand side of the screen. Click on the down arrow next to your email address(top right) and ‘switch to the old app’ is at the bottom of the menu.

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Thank you, this is so much better! Will the old site stay available when beta goes out of beta?

Who knows?
Once you have set your default for your charts you don’t need direct access to their settings any more. Why that was considered more important than the information regarding the stock you are currently looking at completely defeats me.
By the way, I also use watchlists that mimic the pies.

Hi, Essie,

There is a new version of the beta app. Мaybe you will appreciate its new layout.