Orders pending not executed

Why the system doesn’t execute my orders?? I have them pending since 20 mins :rage::rage::rage:

I assume it’s down to liquidity?

And it’s in the premarket?

No the market is open…it bought the first 10 stocks and now all the other orders are in pending :rage:…in the meantime I’ve already 5% of profit :rage::rage::rage:what’s the hell is happening Trading212???

It says open but its in premarket. It opens at 2:30pm (UK)

T212 opened up access to 1.5hr premarket.

No, it bought the first one before 14.30…and by the way now they are still pending …why it doesn’t execute??

So what I’m saying is the standard hours for US stocks open at 2:30pm (UK) for the next 55 mins its still in premarket.

Theres fewer traders about outside of normal hours. It looks to have placed as you don’t have a spinning wheel next to them. So its a case of wait for it to be potentially filled.

I’m not an expert but here it’s written market opened (not premarket or market closed)

Its because for many years we had zero access to premarket. Then T212 announced that you’ll be able to get access 1hr before, and very recently extended it further 30mins more.

They need to update the interface, as its open but pre-market. So need to add another colour of some way to indicate it. @Rumen @Tony.V @David :eyes:

If you are on UK time the US markets are 2.30pm - 9pm

Premarket is 9am - 2:30pm, and after hours is 9pm - 1am

So with full pre/ah you could trade 9am to 1am the next day. However outside standard open times liquidity is dramatically reduced ie people sleeping.

I have to also say when you place an order, doesn’t matter what instrument, there is no guarantee theres someone their to take the other side at the price you want.


There has to be a seller for you to buy, if nobody is offering to sell on the market then your order will not execute.

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