Our growth in just 12 months



Even TSLAs/NIOs of the world would envy this results.

Grats! :partying_face:


@Tony.V Whilst congrats for the impressive stats.

:point_right: T212 really need to focus on quality rather than growth. :point_left:

The biggest things are keeping the website running during US open.

Either ditching Bloomberg for quotes or constantly shouting at them to improve the service. Whilst there was meant to be a fix it did nothing.

Whilst you can’t really do much with IB other than shout at them. (Any plans to go direct to the exchanges or too much work to do what Freetrade did?)

Customer service is lacking to say the least. Don’t do a Monzo and turn what was an almost instant chat into something that takes four weeks to have a conversation.

CFD, well too much to mention.

Customers are losing too many £1000s due to these issues, myself included.


Definitely quality over growth. I wouldn’t mind paying a small monthly fee for extra features, 1 good trade can easily cover monthly or annual charges.

Your continued success is obviously vital to all us account holders.


£2.7bn assets :clap::clap: no wonder the Invest/ISA services are now profitable


What does this mean exactly? Is it the amount of money held by accounts but not invested, that Trading212 gets interest payments from each month through Barclays?



I assumed it was the value of assets (stocks) held by clients, which they’d make money off via stock lending - but I could have misinterpreted this I guess

I doubt it would be the money held not invested, find it hard to believe there would be that much idle cash :open_mouth:

These numbers are amazing, well done T212 !
With all your flaws and issues, I have to admit Trading212 has helped me gain a lot of money and experience so far. Grateful that we have Trading212 in Europe and we haven’t missed the greatest bull run in history.
Looking forward for more good news in the future (JuniorISA ? SIPP ? Canadian Exchange ? Trailing Stop Limit ? etc ) in the mean time please make sure you stay solvent and have enough staff to deal with customers :))
All the best !


We’re expanding our customer service team to provide even better & faster support. We’re not happy with the current response time too, especially when our average chat wait time was ~30 seconds. We are looking forward to beat down even further those 30 seconds. :mailbox:


Respect @Tony.V - those are some impressive stats.

…so which SPAC is taking you public? :upside_down_face:


Congratulations to @Team212, that’s some impressive numbers for sure @Tony.V !!! :exploding_head::eyes::clap: Happy to be part of that journey!

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Congratulations to the entire Trading 212 Team! Well deserved!
We are all excited for the future growth of the company and the team.


Any chance we can get a feature like FT have where the app shows you which number account you are? Would be quite a flex to be in the first few hundred thousand :triumph: :triumph:

It’s not really that impressive considering £2.5B of the assets under management is from myself- thanks to my 5,000 percent growth from GME stock this year :hot_face:. You lot are slacking :confused:


That’s awesome! https://tse2.mm.bing.net/th?id=OGC.9b369c5889aa7ebf3817166046443bd3&pid=Api&rurl=https%3A%2F%2Fmedia.giphy.com%2Fmedia%2F3o85xxQExkBriStPQA%2Fgiphy.gif&ehk=C8KK31GK2H85ZqfDrXp5ZpwckrdxQOe%2BcPp49dSIZI8%3D People should not forget that with such rapid growth there are going to be challenges. I still think T212 is excellent and I am confident they will rise above their challenges. Also T212 is run by real people and not machines, so they are also affected by what’s happening in the world, pandemic and all, just like the rest of us. We should cut them some slack. Well done team T212 :+1:t5:

These numbers are STAGGERING!
I can’t image how you’ve handled so many of us in such a short period of time! And now I understand the registration pause, such growth seems impossible to cope with.

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I would be interested to see how much of this growth was over the GME, AMC etc period as that’s when the server bandwidth seemed to take a hammering!

Also credit where its due great work guys!

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And all this happening during a global pandemic. Credit where credit is due!

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