Does a broker have a legal duty to provide recent indicative ask and bids?

@David spotted these zero spreads which aren’t zero.

EMH European Metals Holdings Ltd. 63 63 Illiquid AIM 2
AAAP Anglo African Agriculture PLC 7.5 7.5 XLON
HUNT Hunters Property PLC 65 65 Illiquid AIM 2
ICON Iconic Labs PLC 0.006 0.006 XLON
PGR Phoenix Global Resources PLC 4.5 4.5 Illiquid AIM 1
LOOK Lookers PLC 21 21 XLON
AGTA Agriterra Ltd 7.5 7.5 Illiquid AIM 1
LFI London Finance & Investment Group PLC 31 31 XLON

Screenshot 2021-01-25 at 13.15.09

Screenshot 2021-01-25 at 13.17.05

Lookers ?

Screenshot 2021-01-25 at 13.19.13

@David three aim stocks KEFI, GGP and ALBA all wrong again. Edit: 20 mins (so far) from open and no new quotes.


Should be 1.995 ask and 1.7 bid


Should be 27.50 ask and 26.75 bid


Should be 0.37 ask and 0.35 bid

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@David half 8 now and still nothing. I can see the correct current best ask and bids in any other broker.

So whilst Bloomberg have updated to pull through every minute the actual values are still completely wrong. So you can see here we have 8:00-8:30 however each minute candle is wrong. Completely pointless.

Below you can see 1.995 since open. Why on earth is it plotting 1.826 (and between 1.825-1.827)

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Only one hour and five minutes late

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Thank you for trying to sort these issues out @phildawson. Looks like a lot of effort for something that affects many of us. :+1:t2:


Thanks appreciate the comment.

I’ve been trying to get this sorted for a year now. I was hoping not to spend 2021 doing this but it needs to be sorted. As you say it affects many, its not just low cap stocks either, the data feed affects all stocks. Even something like when a stock unhalts it takes forever for Bloomberg to wake up. The longest I’ve seen was about 3 hours after it had resumed before it picked up a new quote. Completely unacceptable.

Half the battle was getting T212 to acknowledge there was an issue and to stop blaming me or the stocks. It seems to be the case after months of support tickets and chats that @David is on the case (and hopefully still on the case as Bloombergs recent “improvement” did fuck all).

I just don’t know how Bloomberg can get away with having such a shit data feed that doesn’t even match its own Terminal output. :man_facepalming:

I really wish T212 would just nuke Bloomberg and swap to a reliable liquidity provider.


@phildawson Made some improvements, should be better tomorrow. :hammer_and_wrench:


@David thanks, ooc is that T212 making improvements, or Bloomberg saying they have again?

Are there any other providers you can use instead of Bloomberg or are T212 stuck in a contract :handshake: for a set time?

I’m staggered given such a big name it can have such a bad data feed, or that they can’t run basic health checks against their own terminal to make sure its consistent and indicative. :man_facepalming:

I assume this is affecting any client of theirs in the World and not just T212 so collectively that must be many many millions of £ that retail customers are either paying more that they expected, or receiving a lot less than expected with market orders and the dodgy indicative prices.

On my zero spread checks the only ones I’m seeing are AAAP, HUNT, LFI in the ISA but no change so I would expect that.

Theres also LOOK but appears suspended Jun 2020.

As far as any delays in quotes I haven’t spotted any obvious this morning.

I’m going to save popping the Champagne until a few days have past. :champagne:


@David possibly the most important instrument today and it’s not showing a quote and 8:24am

@David can you please update again?

One other case I’ve noticed these few weeks due to the number of halts is that it’s incredibly slow to pick up again after it resumes.

Not talking one or two minutes after, like 15mins to an hour later. As you can imagine after a lot of halts happen the price can drop or spike so we need these to be immediate like other brokers.

Here’s the most recent example where 19.07 it resumed and all other brokers had new quotes.

Here’s the official times

@David currently have an issue where ASK is being shown as the BID which is going to confuse a lot of people today unless its fixed asap.

It’s across all AIM stocks.

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Also recording the lack of candles updating on US open 2:30 yesterday.

And seeing this flicker on and off for the first hour. Whats going on? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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@David @Rumen Half an hour after open and we still don’t have a quote through.

Whatever “fix” Bloomberg did the other week, it’s clearly unfixed.

And we still have the ASK appearing where the BID should be

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Looks like the ASK appearing as the BID is all secretly fixed and resolved.

Example here of not updating with a new quote.

Adding another example from yesterday that @Venetia1993 noted.

Adding another example today of a fake zero spread on GGP where it hadn’t got a new quote in, despite all other brokers being fine.

GGP should be 23.25 and 22.75 bid.

GGP this morning hasn’t updated ASK is 22.50 / BID is 21.50

Edit: 30mins later @David

@David we have a case of ARGO showing the wrong ASK / BID today

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Is anything being done about this @David ? Personally been following @phildawson effort in this thread quite closely, all of us are waiting for answers.

Thank you