Paging through the tabs

(Even) The new UI makes something very hard to manage: to change the charts, to step one to the other.

For example, I opened 50 charts but can only display max. 9 of them.
And because I can not page through the displayed ones (1, 2, 3…9), to view the next 9, and next 9, etc. I am forced to watch them, and perhaps miss opportunities on the others I can not change to easily. We can replace only one chart in a slot at a time.

PgUp, PgDn buttons, to display the next collection, and the next and the next collection of charts, paging through my selected instruments, depending on which Split View I’m on.

Or is there a solution for this, just I didn’t know?

Hey :wave:,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, it’s much appreciated.

I’ll forward the feedback for review and will get back to you as soon as possible.

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