PBA - Pembina Pipeline corp - Canadian dividend

Hello Team,

I am not able to attach screenshots to your email form in app.

So to add details of the issue.

Croatia has taxation treaty with Canada.

15% Witholding tax.

However I realised just today, that last payout was 30% taxed.

0.11$ was paid out. However their dividend is:

Not sure which date currency exchange happens but anyway all seem close.

Monday 17 February 2020 1 USD = 1.3237 CAD
Friday 14 February 2020 1 USD = 1.3251 CAD
Thursday 23 January 2020 1 USD = 1.3131 CAD

Lets take rate which is ex dividend date.

0.21 CAD = 0.159925 $

30% = 0.1119 15% = 0.1359

My understanding is as PBA is Canadian company, even tho listed on NYSE, it is Canada who witholds tax, thus as treaty exists should be 15%?

Or am I at fault here? :slight_smile:

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Hello Team,

Anyone had chance to look at this?



@Vedran I’ll DM you.

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Do you receive any answer?
I under if that’s not the issue: As a Canadian company, the Canadian government apply a tax of 15% when pay the divided in to US Stoke exchange. After the US government apply there’s 15% tax when pay to your account in Trading 212.