Petition to keep certificated share


I started a petition to keep certificated shares in existence for the foreseeable future.

What you want the government to do: Allow for continued trading of certificated shares

To allow for certificated shares to be traded in 2025 and beyond

Why you want the government to do it: While we recognise the efficiency of digital shares, many brokers do not automatically forward on shareholder rights such as voting rights or shareholders perks (where they exist) as in a pooled nominee system, individual customers are no longer on the register of members. Also the number of stockbrokers who offer a Personal CREST account where someone can hold digital shares and have thier own name on the record of member’s is estimated to be 4 or less. Share certificates are still relevant

Petition link: Support Samantha Eaton’s petition - Petitions

I recognise that certificated shares are not the sort of thing many 212 users would likely be interested in, I think for now there are benefits to keeping them around, for now