Share Benefits Claiming System

There are many companies that offer benefits to their shareholders, this can include discounts, limited products, free upgrades and credit that can be used at their store.

Trading212 although they didn’t state it does not include this basic feature so it would be great for it to be added.

For those that are maybe not privy to this, these companies will require trading212 to confirm that you own the stock since it is in their name, I have contacted support and they are not willing to do this for me leaving me with the decision to move them to a different broker that does support it or to buy more and eventually sell the one I have on the trading 212 platforms.

I hope others feel the same so we can get this feature added ASAP as transferring shares between brokers is not instantaneous.

Any additional feedback on this is also welcomed!

This article on the subject is interesting.

It talks about why this is difficult, but notes that there are a few brokers who can assist with this.

Hey, I did a quick skim through the article it was a fairly interesting read

The main point here is what I asked the support here to do

‘In some cases shareholders will have to ask us to provide confirmation that they hold the appropriate share and contact the company directly to obtain the perk"

I am aware that some companies like BT.A require shares to be owned directly and not through a broker but trading212 is being unhelpful to the extreme, all I need is an email or a report ticket response that I own the shares in question and they are refusing to do so. The administrative cost is that of a support ticket which would be lessened if they had replied with the information required instead of a back and forth dialogue.

Thank you very much for the response, hopefully, someone from T212 can provide a definitive reason why they wont support it or if they plan to add it.

I don’t understand how this works for nominee accounts. What is to stop someone buying a share, obtaining such a letter from the broker, sending it to the company and then selling the share the next day. Shareholder perk entitlement can really only be verified when the company has the shareholder’s name on their own register. How else is the company to know when the person is no longer a shareholder? Do they rely on the broker to write to them when a person sells a holding?

If a company is willing to accept a broker’s letter about ownership at a given moment, with no way to know when the shareholding is sold subsequently, how about submitting the monthly statement that you receive from T212, or contract note showing the purchase, or even screenshot from trading app?

A quick search reveals that AJ Bell and Interactive Investor do not help with shareholder perks. I see that Hargreaves Lansdown does, and Freetrade mentions 7 UK companies, providing perks Carnival, L&G, Next, … and states that claiming involves writing to the company with proof of share ownership.

@KristanS We can confirm via email that we hold the shares on your behalf but I’m certain no company would deem that acceptable.
Also, as @Richard.W correctly pointed out, contract notes or monthly statements would do the same job but I still doubt they’d qualify.

What I found for example on CCL.

A photocopy of your shareholder proxy card or a current brokerage statement showing proof of ownership of at least 100 shares of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

  • Your name (the owner of the 100 shares will receive the onboard credit.)
  • Your home address, telephone number and e-mail address
  • Your ship and sailing date
  • Your confirmation number
  • Your Captain’s Club or Crown & Anchor Society Number (if any)

Please send the above to:

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Investor Benefit P.O. Box 02511 Miami, FL 33102-5511


@David Thank you for the quick reply, some companies from my experience do allow different forms of proof. I will admit that I have never considered what @Richard.W has suggested if someone buys claims the benefits and then sells the shares (Some companies require ownership on a specific date like dividends).

@David, can you say how likely this feature would be implemented or considered at any point?

Secondly Thank you all for the responses, the benefits are not the purpose for buying the shares but are a nice addition on top.

@KristanS The shares are held in a nominee account, there’s no implementation we can do to change that.
Monthly statements can still act as proof that you’ve held the shares on a specific date. I don’t see what a certificate can do that a monthly statement cannot.