Simply Wall Street

Anyone familiar with Simply Wall Street to provide some feedback please.

Am currently using the trial version and would appreciate some feedback before paying for it.

I noticed a couple of stocks they’ve indicated to be trading at 125 - 155% overvalued have not reached their all time high for this year, hence am wondering how could the market be soo wrong in paying the fair price for these companies?

Am a newbie and so i could be asking an ignorant question

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Valuation is subjective. That is probably some aggregate of market analysts’ price targets. Nobody knows what the fair value of a stock really is. That’s all part of the game.

Wallmine is a pretty good free alternative:

Personally I don’t feel the £85 per year is worth paying, however the company reports are quite a useful tool for quickly checking a companies prospects. With the free service you can check 10 companies per month.

I take their valuations with a pinch of salt as they are based on historic financial measures such as profitability and book value etc… The market is forward looking so historic calculated valuations means little if you’re an airline for example. If you read the company ‘news’ items they publish they seem to be written by bots where they use the same generic paragraphs which insert the specific company metrics like p/e, ROE etc…

Personally I prefer which includes far more data and better portfolio management for free. Just requires a bit more user knowledge as it’s not spoon fed like on Simplywallstreet

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Do a search of ‘’ on the forum and you’ll find previous conversations to this end.

SeeWireCard. they’ll tell you it is the best investment but it is not.

just started using wallmine…oh and taking those valuations with a pinch of salt

Thanks folks

Take everything with a pinch of salt. I wouldn’t personally pay for an external service, save the cash and reinvest. Your up that amount already then :smiley:

I would agree that unless news events suddenly change the stock’s landscape, majority of prices are already priced in. Nothing is cheap nor expensive on the market, only relative to what someone else will pay.

I agree everything is already priced in, the institutional investors pretty much control the market.

Which is why i would occasionally gamble my alcohol money on the riskiest of stocks and if i loose it, i’ll still walk away with a healthier organs. Oh and if it pays off i get onto moon walking :joy: :joy:


I like your way of thinking :smiley: :+1: