Pie Creator Incentives?

If I create a pie and can manage somehow to get it popular, what do I the creator get? Do I get any sort of kickback from the people copytrading it like EToro or NAGA offer? I understand there’s an affiliate offer for new sign ups but we can get that anyway as normal. Is it all just for fun or to pump unknown stocks or something?

pies are just intended to be shared, there are no incentives to make them and share them or to continuous update them beyond being able to invite 20 new users to sign up.

if you want a kickback, then use eToro for their system. T212 pies are not intended for direct mirroring, the feature only has a notification for those who copied when the original copy has changes made. there is no features for changes to automatically sync across or for positions in all copied pies to be adjusted by the pie creator.