Pie didnt invest full amount - ✅ Solved

Amount invested to different to the amount set when setting up?? is this normal?

if there is cash sitting in the pie when you make the investment, the pie will use all available funds. also if it cannot use all funds the remaining pennies will sit in the pie as cash until a sufficient amount is present to make an investment.

This could be why your pie has invested a different amount than you planned for. also see if you received any dividends and have dividend reinvestment activated.

there is no cash sitting in pie

Equity charges should also be taken into consideration whenever you invest funds to your pies. Sometimes you may invest £1,000 but have a stamp duty of £6.50, for example, on some of your slice orders. This will lead your Invested amount to £93.50, but your order will still be seen as а £1,000 one.

thanks this makes sense

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