Pie enhancements

Could we:

  1. Have the option to place an unbalanced trade within a pie - effectively allowing the pie to be managed easily like a separate pot of cash. I would like the option to sell a single stock without rebalancing a pie, or buy a single stock with spare funds.

  2. Have a marker in the trading history export for activity that takes place within a pie(pie name/blank field).

This would allow users greater flexibility in their accounts and to export the data to external data sites such as wallmine, and track separately the performance of assets in each pie.

Hope this makes sense!


Hey, @Dougal1984.

  1. By using the “Custom” option, you will be able to select precisely how much you would like to sell/buy from or to a particular slice. Let me know if you have something else in mind.

  2. That’s a great suggestion, and we’ll consider integrating such an option in the future.