Something to take our minds off Corona

Dear @George, please are there any updates on the following?
Upcoming features
:clock3: - Pie performance graph
:clock3: - Pie history
:clock3: - AutoInvest using accounts free funds
:clock3: - Access to instrument details page from pie’s holdings tab
:clock3: - Import shares into a pie
:clock3: - Export shares from a pie
:clock3: - Nested pies
:clock3: - Pie sharing


Would also like to know the expected timelines of the features, just for future planning :slight_smile:

Really waiting on the import shares into a pie feature and Nested Pies

Import/export looking like Monday:

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These 3 are coming out next week.


But nesting… :sob:

I’ll make cakes or something :pray:


@Matt_C - Here’s an update for you because it’s hard to keep track of everything!

Thanks, I’m already aware though. Just trying to bribe the team with cake so I get my nesting sooner. :grin:

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Hey @George,

Thanks for all your help for all your help so far.

Is there any timeline for the nested pie feature?

Would this for added to all users accounts or go through a BETA stage?

Kind regards,