Something to take our minds off Corona

Dear @George, please are there any updates on the following?
Upcoming features
:clock3: - Pie performance graph
:clock3: - Pie history
:clock3: - AutoInvest using accounts free funds
:clock3: - Access to instrument details page from pieโ€™s holdings tab
:clock3: - Import shares into a pie
:clock3: - Export shares from a pie
:clock3: - Nested pies
:clock3: - Pie sharing


Would also like to know the expected timelines of the features, just for future planning :slight_smile:

Really waiting on the import shares into a pie feature and Nested Pies

Import/export looking like Monday:

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These 3 are coming out next week.


But nestingโ€ฆ :sob:

Iโ€™ll make cakes or something :pray:


@Matt_C - Hereโ€™s an update for you because itโ€™s hard to keep track of everything!

Thanks, Iโ€™m already aware though. Just trying to bribe the team with cake so I get my nesting sooner. :grin:

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