Pie "Reset" Phenomenon

Dear Trading212 community members,

This week, both of my auto-investing pies generated unusual movements. These movements were strange since, according to the total value chart, the value of both pies dropped to zero and then returned to normal in the course of two hours. Despite the fact that the value has returned to zero, I have not deposited or withdrew any money from the pie. According to Trading 212, the period between the two timestamps below is when both of my pies arrived with a value of 0:

  • SAT 01.07 08:00 until 10:00 CET
  • WED 05.07 05:00 until 07:00 CET

Below is the chart that shows the two drops, which interestingly also do not appear in the total acount value in the main screen of the app:

I am interested in this phenomenon and look forward to a moderator’s investigation.

Hey :wave:

We’re aware of this occurrence, and we’re currently investigating the possible cause to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

When it comes to the chart itself, the value drop is only a visual misrepresentation. All of your investments and funds across pies remain the same and haven’t been affected in any way :pray:

Ok, I hope everything is fine. It is only strange that you unlisted the post.