Pies: Zero Weighted Positions

It would be a great feature in my opinion to be able to set a pie slice to 0%, this would allow you to keep a stock in the pie (to reinvest it’s dividends) but to stop purchasing that particular stock, ie if you have reached a goal or you think the stock is overpriced or for whatever reason you can set the position to 0, but have it’s reinvestments buy the other assets in the pie.

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you can do something similar to this already.

go into your pie and choose edit. then delete the slice of the stock in question and reallocate the slice % to other slices in the pie and hit save.

you will now have a slice that is inside the pie but labelled as “removed from pie” for the sake of allocations, the slice doesn’t get removed from the pie itself unless you export it.

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I know, but that’s a very hacky way and not too practical vs having the option to simply reduce the slider by one more to zero.

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it was built with 0% in mind, so not really hacky as that was its purpose. people wanted to be able to tell at a quick glance the slices which will or wont receive funding.

You can also deposit and switch the drop down to custom and allocate as you wish.

That doesn’t work for DRIP though?

Yes I get that, but changing the slider to allow zero would be much better when editing/creating the pie.

You’ve got bigger problems then the slider amount then if you’re using DRIP atm

if you do that, the stocks removed from pie will be sold on the market :slight_smile: correct me if im wrong

Only if you rebalance or withdraw from the pie

I agree. Would make it easier to use. Particularly if you want to add 4 or 5 slices back in, you wouldn’t need to go searching for them or take screenshots to remember what’s in the pie but currently ‘removed’.

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