Please add Cambria Africa PLC (CMB)

Please add Cambria Africa PLC (CMB) from the London AIM!

Do you know what investments it manages?

Company description doesn’t explicitly mention it, hence my question, in case you know :slight_smile:.

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Millchem and Payserv are two of their bigger investments. Check them out

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Interesting but the website for Payserv does not seem to work…

Looks like the domain expired. Here is some info about them:

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I hope Cambria Africa is added :slight_smile:.

I read through their accounts yesterday and I guess that the poor performance is due to banks from Zimbabwe no longer using Payvserv, hence the very large fall in revenues, nonetheless, they could be interesting to invest in.

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Any luck with adding this @sto? :slight_smile:

Unfortunately no luck with thus far.

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Unfortunately T212 could not add it when they tried in March: