Please fix data on Kinross Gold (KGC)

Hi guys,

Self explanatory really. There’s a few stocks where data doesn’t show and this is one of them. Please could you address this?


@David @Martin @Tony.V @PeterA this might be a good example where the ASK price gets stuck and only the BID increases to show a fake zero spread

Trade action on the 14th and 15th.

I’m seeing yesterday at 9pm now in the charts, which seems about right for the ASK on close.

I’m not sure if this zero spread is accurate. Might be the bug where only the BID updates, but it maybe real.

Will have to check at 2:30pm today to see if a new quote comes in.

Hi Phil - I think we’re possibly talking about different data here.

I was referring to the fundamentals which are missing for this matter.

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Yeah I thought it was the charts not updating and querying the zero spread which may be correct.

It’s weird the stats aren’t attached, they get them pulled in from Reuters