CCAC no data but price dropped

CCAC shows no date buy current price of $14.18. Sell price of $5.38 (48% drop in about an hour but nothing to see). Any help?

Welcome to the world of disgusting spreads!!! It’s actually getting out of hand the wide these are!! I’m stuck in trades because of it and each time it moves in my favour the spreads go the opposite direction forcing me to stay open

Could you provide me with additional information regarding the case as based on your initial text - I can’t find any issue?

Hi @Martin, I have the exact same issue with CCAC, as well as BTAQ and ACEV. Allowed me to purchase units of the instruments (in Invest, this is) but then it appears the data feed is broken as it shows no chart data and the current quoted price has been fixed since I bought (but not at the price my contact note says I bought at) and the sell price is wildly lower, making my paper losses appear over 50% instantaneously.

I had logged this with your colleague Georgi G a week or so ago, who was very helpful and said he would have to look into it and keep me updated over email, but have not had a response since and the issue persists.

Any idea what to do? I’m loathe to sell in case it crystalises losses I can’t think are right (as the huge losses appeared instantly after I bought the units so one/all of the buy, sell or spread must be wrong), but equally getting concerned I’m carrying broken instruments in my portfolio! Thanks in advance.

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Only have one share to keep an eye on it with view to adding more but should be easier to see the problem from the pic

Also, all time high is 10.61 I think, so no idea why it’s at $14. Currently trading about $10.46 today

Hello @wunit5times,

Due to a very illiquid market and almost absent volume, we are unable to get a proper feed to quote on. A quick-fix for you would be to see the price from an external source ( i.e. Google) before engaging in a trade.

Why the given data seems not right for this SPAC? the actual buying price still in 10sh according to yahoo and all.
can it be corrected? it will be a high time now to focus on this stock.

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