Pls remove "Stop Loss value is too far from the current market price" - ✅ Solved

I can not setup my stop sell, beacuse they showed your “too far…” error message all time. It made me crazy, please fix it!

Hi David and @Martin, I’m having the same issue. Could you please remove the stop issue from the following tickers, please?


Thank you

This is still happening on the mobile app for $ARB Argo Blockchain. In absence of a Trailing Stop Loss I can’t set this to where I’d like to gain a profit.

Hi @Martin ! Could you please remove the stop limit issue from Plug Power (PLUG) stock?

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@Martin could you please remove the max limit order / stop limit order from VXRT?

@pothos Increased. :white_check_mark:

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Hi @David these issues are still happening specially when trading some penny stocks. We could lose a lot of money here if we can’t place a stop lose or order some limit price.

I tried trading some Limit orders on Penny stocks but it won’t allow me because of the limitations. When the volume is high it’s too hard to enter without limit orders. It’s either we missed the entry or lose our money. I don’t understand why you don’t want to get rid of it? I use other brokers and they don’t have this limit order limitations.

totally Agree with you!!! They should just actually remove it!!! I don’t understand why in the first place they place this limitation? Either they want us to lose money or not earn money at all. Can we all agree that we don’t want this limitations as most of the brokers out there don’t even have this limitation? It’s ridiculous!!! Seems like t212 is mainly for long term investors and not cater people who wants to trade daily.