The Stop Loss value is too far from the current market price

This setting is a joke. Almost 50% of the CFDs have this come up when trying to set stop losses even as low as 5% below the market value. Been getting this ‘error’ on the majority of instruments that I try and open positions on today, TGT, SPWR, AMAT and LOGI. It gets to the point that you have to not have a stop loss and monitor with price alerts or set a stop loss super tight to cover yourself.

Is this a settings error? I’ve had it before when someone from support just jumps on the a thread and it’s suddenly fixed but trying to raise the issue through the app support chat just gets you the message that it’s being escalated. Can we have a dedicated thread to report the the instruments which are affected?

We’re working on implementing a dynamic setting so you won’t receive it anymore. However, we’re still working on it. Meanwhile, we’ve just amended the setting for TGT, SPWR, AMAT and LOGI.

Thanks Martin, much appreciated! Do you know what the setting will be implemented?

Getting it on PTON in ISA