Pls remove "Stop Loss value is too far from the current market price" - ✅ Solved

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The distance for GME is several times higher than the current market price. Increasing it more could lead to order rejections. This was mentioned several times on this topic. If the price of the instrument rises significantly, it will be increased again.

Can you please remove limit for placing a Buy-Lmt on AEYE. I want to buy when price pulls back but system is preventing me from doing this.


The distance for AEYE has been increased. :white_check_mark:

Thanks Rumen.

Can you please advise why there is a “Can’t place a single order worth more than 95% of free funds” restriction. I sold some positions to free up funds to buy AEYE and now I can’t use these funds to buy stock with a LMT order. I think it may be possible by adding to a pie, but then I can only place a MKT order.

The new position is a very small part of my portfolio.

What is the easiest way to place this trade?


@IanC55 is the position you are trying to place an order for currently priced at more than 95% of the funds held in your account?

Yes, I want to spend 100% of remaining cash in that position. I want to be fully invested.

There is a workaround for the 95% rule, but only if the stock is fractional.
To invest 100% just create a pie with your single stock and then you can use all your available funds to the last penny to invest in that pie. Then if you want you can export it out of the pie.
Again, that only works if the stock is fractional.
So if you have multiple stocks just leave the fractional one at the end and put that in the pie.

Hope it works for you.
Happy investing!

Thanks Rygel, I have been doing that for some positions where I wanted to buy at market, but this position I wanted to buy on a pull back after a large spike and needed a limit order.

Not sure why 212 need to impose all these restrictions.

This is to ensure that an order does not get rejected or go to a negative balance due to insufficient funds as a result of market fluctuation(for volatile instruments) in between placing an order and executing it.

Thanks again for the explanation.

Limit orders are for whole number of shares, and LMT price is a guaranteed price or better. So if calculation of position size is done correctly there should not be an issue. If an error is made and the order is rejected that’s not a big problem.

I don’t have this restriction with any other broker.

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@David could you please remove it from CCIV as well? I can’t place a limit sell order in my invest account

Please Remove This Limit from PULM

The maximum distances for PULM and CCIV have been increased.

@IanC55 Unfortunately, we cannot remove the 95% investment limit for a single order at the time being. It is necessary for the execution of market and stop orders, to ensure that the client has sufficient capital for the order to get filled. This applies to a great extent in the context of volatile markets, which is a frequent sight lately.