Portfolio visualizer

Hi all,

I was just wondering what platform do you use to visualize your portfolio ?

Very recently I have joined trading212 and started building my portfolio. But I want to visually see perhaps with pie charts the different kind of sectors that my stocks belong and at what percentage, which geographical areas, etc


if you are up for it you can create a google sheet to do this yourself. super easy to create pie charts etc. and get finance prices using googlefinance function.

Check out portfolio performance:

I use it myself and you can keep track of everything across multiple accounts, dividends etc…

Screen Shot 2020-10-27 at 22.41.38

Getting this error, while I try to install it. Probably because I still have Yosemite on my mac.

I’m doing something on my spare time for iPhone/iPad/macOS but it will take few months yet to be release. :apple:

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I use Wallmine brilliant.



+1 for Wallmine… Superb

Does Wallmine has a brokerage connect with Trading212?

Not Yet. I just do manual entries granted a bit of a pain. or import from csv.

I started using Wallmine which looks very good, it but some stocks are not available - mainly swedish
Any idea how to overcome this ?

I use stock master, although this is all on a manual entry basis and does not split into sector but I still love it.

It also allows basic screens on your stocks and watch lists.

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