Portfolio benchmark against major indexes

Definitely would like to see this, it’s nice in the Freetrade app:


The Benchmark index could be chosen by the investors, because a Global stock index in GBP (using or not an ETF as proxy) isn’t suitable for all investors, as investors have:

  • several account currencies (USD, EUR, GBP) or
  • local currencies (besides USD, EUR, GBP) or
  • types of asset classes (stocks, REITs, bonds via ETFs, commodities & Forex via ETCs) or
  • geographic investments (Global, US, UK, Europe, EM, etc) or
  • sectors investments (Tech, Healthcare, Consumer Staples, etc) or
  • thematic investments (ESG, factors, AI, Semiconductors, etc)

And not mentioning, the indexes TR or NR, or Leverage or Inverse indexes.


It has been quite a while since I’ve seen someone use “money weighted return” :slight_smile: I guess they thought IRR was too boring?

nice to see they both utilise XIRR and a benchmark tho.

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I don’t know what either means, tbh! I’ve seen IRR on my Vanguard and don’t really get it.

Edit: IRR and money-weighted return are the same thing, according to Google.

I know they are exactly the same thing hence I said, what I’ve said.
IRR = money weighted return
XIRR = true time weighted rate of return

just the term itself “money weighted return” is old and I don’t think used anywhere outside a classroom, it is in commonly known as IRR or internal rate of return.

I appreciate this, I use a custom Excel with XIRR formulas to follow my XIRRs for asset classes, type of investment vehicles and bank/broker/platform, individually, and for all my investments globally.

I know, I know… I sound like a sales person for this tool, despite it being 100% free. I only started using it in october 2018 and I am kicking myself for not finding it before :frowning:

So here is another post from me for people to try/use Portfolio performance

So here is a view from asset list ordered by TTWROR: (There are many more columns that are not included in SS)

same view ordered by IRR

A screen shot from a small part of “dashboard” or summary page, showing TTWRORs per month/year

My favourite dividends accumulated report:

one of the benchmark reports (since 2018 october unfortunately):

and so many more!


I just remember that I have PP in my computer. I have PP installed in my computer since March 2019, I did some tests on it at that time (mostly for P2P loans), and forget about using PP since them (not saying its bad or good software).

Are most of the stocks trading on OTC, NYSE, NASDAQ, LSE could be addded in the tracking ??

portfolio performance is not a tracking provider but it can use any other pages to track securities. But that means you have to add the security first, but I had no problems tracking anything I wanted up until now. You usually can use yahoo finance tickers, or if exists anywhere on web like a json or even a standard web page table you can add it, and portfolio performance will read that for tracking.

edit: @adindas The amount of detail you can create in this tool is very deep. When you download it, it comes with a “sample portfolio” I recommend studying it for a while before getting started with yours. It takes a bit of setup time at the beginning, but after going through that it is golden.


I have written here some of my setup (a bit outdated with the CSV download feature)

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I tried some months ago, but it gave me too much price differences. Not in cents, but in multiple euro’s. After importing all transactions, the totals didn’t come close to what I see in my T212 account.

that is weird although what do you mean by multiple euro’s?
Since these profits are not realised, it all depends on when does the “calculator” (be it t212 or PP) got the latest quote, which quote it used etc. otherwise it’s plain simple “shares X price” calculation and PP itself is not a quote provider. I’d say intraday I don’t expect it(it being t212 or PP) to follow the exact value. Depending on the portfolio size it can very well be multiple euro’s I’d say anything within 1% of portfolio size is reasonable.

Totals were far off for me. Imported all transactions with the right foreign exchange rates in them. I thin the difference was somewhere around 75 euro.

Entered everything now on Yahoo. Which has slight difference of 1 or 2 euro.

Thanks for the link, think I might have seen this before.

I use Google Sheets, is this better and roughly just as easy to use and are there any downsides? (Google Sheets is free)

Bump, has there been any information regarding this idea?

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I’m afraid I can’t share any news for updates in that direction, @JustBuying. I’ll let you know if anything changes, though.