Portfolio ROI percentage

The ROI percentage calculations is a wrong for instance if you invest 10k and and double it to 20k and then sell and you made 100%. Then you go and reinvest it shows you have a capital of 20k and a return of 0%. Can t212 make it so it’s the return on the deposits or allow you to change the ROI calculator. Thanks


currently the investments on the graph are treated as the prices you purchased shares for. which means its only truly accurate for people who buy and never sell. requests for a toggle to change what the graph displays have already been made, but its not a priority for the team.

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You could just keep track yourself. It all depends how you want to do it.

Do you want to just use the value of your deposits?
What if you don’t fully invest your deposit - should the difference be excluded?
Do you want to count inflation?

I do all that in a spreadsheet.