Portfolio updates graphic

I think a feature where upon login a graphic displays an overview of the highest movers in your portfolio either since you last logged in or on a daily/weekly basis.

A simple graphic saying since you last logged on your biggest movers are:
XYZ +10%
ABC +12 %
EFG -23%

Would be fairly easy to implement and a great addition I think everyone could get behind.

My portfolio has become very diverse since starting so often times it can take me ages to figure out the changes in that have taken place. Often times I’ll login to see an overall significant change to my total portfolio and then proceed to spend 10 minutes attempting to understand where this has come from. So this would be very useful for myself and I’m sure lots of others


I’ve passed your proposal along for consideration, and I’ll keep you posted on the progress, @Jimmi300 Thanks a lot for sharing! :v:

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