Portfolio's Stocks' Price/Chart Issue

I’m confused as to how the new charts work for individual companies in a portfolio.

BYON is 17% on the day, I check T212 it shows 0.15%.
I believe this is the after hours price change, but still, wouldn’t it make sense to see the stock’s market hours change instead? and maybe next to/under show the price change when stock is in after hours / premarket?

I don’t even know how to check market hours price change.


The chart shows +11.30% at 14:30, then +5.21% at 14:45, then -1.67% at 15:00, etc. until the last +1% at 21:00.

:man_shrugging: so how do I know the market hours price change for the stock?

You’re omitting the most valuable piece of information we need.

So now I’m going up and down my list of companies, and I’ve no idea how each have performed today, zero, zip, zilch, nada.

Upon clicking on one of the companies in the portfolio, the price + percentage change should be visible from the get go, no need for additional clicks.

So you go down the list of stocks, and you can see with a quick glance the progress for each.


Maybe keep this drop down always on market hours, and if people want to see/trade outside of those hours they can change them manually.

This is an ISA/Invest account for longer term investments, not a day trading CFD account, where people go in and out of trades in less than 10 minutes.

Just my 2 cents, I think what I’m asking for makes sense.


Am I missing something? Where do I see the total gain/loss for the regular market hours???

As a fellow user I take the in app prices are all indicative last traded price. I generally track externally - wallmine, but I’m working on a google sheet. A V2.0 of my last one without formulas.

As a guide in app of pre/after market trading prices:

The thing is we had this info before, you could check the stock 5 hours after the market close (or the next day) and you’d still see the regular hours price change. Now that’s not even possible.

What broker doesn’t give you the market hours price change clear as day for you to see?

if you don’t check price change right before close, you’re completely left in the dark as to the daily change for individual stocks during market hours.

There’s not even a cumulative figure to show price change that day.

I just don’t get it. They get the hard stuff done, and they blunder obvious stuff like this.

C’mon T212, you’re better than this! :smile:

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