Trading 212 Invest Practice on desktop

Sorry for stupid question, can somebody please help me:
I saw this video on youtube about buying shares on Trading 212 Invest Practice account. But I am a bit confused now: when I registered on it didn’t offer me to choose CFD or Invest account, seems I now can only use CFD demo account
Should I register for Trading 212 Invest account elsewhere?
Could it be because of my IP address? (in Estonia currently)
Btw, when I open trading 212 site from mobile browser I can see “Invest” among products, but from desktop only CFD, weird. :thinking:

Main page -> drop down menu -> open account -> real money.

Thanks for your reply! But do I understand correctly that Trading 212 Invest is available only on real account, not on Demo account?

After you have created the investment account, you can access to the practice account as well.


Hi @CuriousInvestor, the Invest account is indeed available as a practice account and you should be able to access it from Estonia. Please, scroll down to the bottom of the website and ensure this dropdown is set to Estonia:


Thanks! This dropdown was set to Russia by some reason. After changing to Estonia it shows Trading 212 Invest. :+1:

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