Switching from CFD (Practice) to Invest (Real) UI/UX

I decided to give Practice Mode a try for CFD and wanted to switch back to my Real Money Invest account, is this deliberate that it only shows the option for Practice Mode, or do I have to go Real Money then switch over?

Seems counter intuitive? Had a quick search of the forum and nothing popped up? I’m Android based if that makes a difference?

@David @George @Tony.V @Team212

You have to go to real money first.

I think it’s better that way. Lower chance of thinking you’re still in practice mode and yolo-ing lots of money into real trades.

Perhaps, however …

… clicking this, takes me to my Real Money Invest? I think it could do with some slight rewording, and/or making a little clearer. I get why it’s done that, cause I don’t have a Real Money CFD, but it suggests clicking that will start one.

All good though, otherwise.