Predictive Analytics Firm Files for IPO

While everyone is waiting for AirBnB and Roblox, this gem somehow did not attract attention on this forum: was founded in 2009 and booked $165 million in revenue for the 12 months ended October 31, 2020. It plans to list on the NYSE under the symbol AI. It is expected to price during the week of December 7, 2020.


I’ve been reading the S1 just yesterday. This and Palintir for the AI disruptive future


will this be added to Trading 212 @David


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Good Evening. For a week now I have been reading everything I can find about this stock. It looks very interesting. I think it will do better than Palantir and it has a lot of room to grow. Is there any way to see if and when it will be introduced in trading212? Thanks.


@brynlewiswork So they are predicting something like the valuation of about $3.22 billion at the $32.50-a-share midpoint. My uneducated guess is that the market cap is not too big, so the share price can move significantly if the hype begins. PLTR is now at some $44B at $24 per share.


@Sassenach I will be checking but I’m confident T212 team will add it as soon as it is available to retail investors on that day.


Raytheon’s intelligence and space business is partnering with, a software company known for its predictive maintenance business with the U.S. Air Force, the companies announced Monday.

The alliance between and Raytheon Intelligence and Space aims to speed up artificial intelligence adoption across the U.S. military. The partnership will pair Raytheon’s expertise in the defense and aerospace sector with’s artificial intelligence development and applications.


I’m an early Palantir investor so I think the more I’ve about c3.AI the happier I’m with sitting on the fence watching C3 and wait for other opportunities next year.

Do you think that the fact that they have “only” 15,500,000 shares and the market cap can rise in the near future will help more the sharp rise of the share? I’m not sure how it works. Thanks.

@Ashu_investing @Sassenach It’ll be available the moment the IPO’s live. We’ve already created the security, now we’re just waiting for it to start quoting.


Dear @David great thanks a lot! We can not set a pending at the moment, so we will have to wait to it to go live? Thanks a lot!

Yep you can’t place any trades, even pending, until it is open to retail buyers.

Expected IPO date 12/09/2020


Is the revenue growth slowdown not a worry?

I know it’s bumpy times but a company at this stage only beating the same quarter to last year might be a bit of a risk. They’re also pretty leveraged.

Despite this, it might be the sort of stock that gains traction because it’s all the rage right now and for whatever reason the finances don’t seem to matter as much as sentiment.

Is available on Trading212. How do we place request for this IPO?

@Interested It will probably be available to us on Tuesday.

EDIT: is expected to go public on Wednesday.


This appears to have been added ready for go-live, however there’s no such way to place an order prior to that time. Just keep an eye on it! :wink:


Any idea what time the market will open for this?

Unfortunately not. Need to keep checking back periodically. Not the first time an IPO has been held back and gone live the day after.