Repeated 5% alerts and no way to turn them off

The 5% alert is getting extremely annoying despite the fact that I’d really like this feature in theory.

Today on my Invest account I have had 21 5% alerts for the same stock and its not yet 11am and the stock basically hasn’t moved (its just volatility between bid and offer because T212 will not show bid/offer prices).

I use the desktop/web platform and can’t find any way to disable or modify the 5% alert.

Since typing this post I’ve received another 2 alerts for the same stock and the price basically hasn’t moved (the displayed price has basically just changed between bid and offer with a wide spread) so 23 alerts in 3 hours with basically no price movement and no way to disable it

That appears to be quite excessive number of alerts. Could you please specify which instrument triggered them? Meanwhile, you can manage this feature by enabling or disabling it, and also adjust the percentage thresholds according to your preferences. Simply navigate to Settings → Trading Preferences → Portfolio Volatility Alerts.

The share is PHE but that’s simply the worst today others have generated lots of alerts on other days for the same reason (switching between bid and offer with large spread).

As I said in my OP there is no way to disable or adjust the alert. The alert does NOT show when I select the company generating the alerts and the Settings > Trading Preferences does NOT have a setting for volatility alerts. I’ve created a composite screenshot of the trading preferences settings with the settings scrolled to the top and bottom. There is no setting for volatility alerts.

t212 trading settings

Can you try adjusting them using the mobile app? Here’s how it should look:

The problems I have with that suggestion are: 1) I use the desktop platform and don’t really like using the mobile app and 2) I don’t want to disable the alert for other companies I like the idea of the alert the problem is that T212 will not use bid/offer pricing and it is generating dozens of alerts for the a single company (I wouldn’t mind 1 or 2 but 20+ when the price hasn’t actually moved is…)

What you’re essentially saying is I either disable the feature entirely (or set it to a ridiculously high threshold so will not get the alert for a large cap moves by 5%). Why is the alert setting not on the web platform? Why can’t I set the alert on the web platform individually for each company?

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We have temporarily removed the ability to modify alerts on the web app as the feature is still relatively new, and we are fine-tuning it to ensure its optimal functionality. However, we do acknowledge your need to customize alerts for individual companies.

While we work on improving the web platform, you can edit price alerts for individual stocks on the mobile app. You have the flexibility to adjust both the timeframe and percentage threshold to suit your preferences. This way, you can maintain the alerts for the companies you are interested in without being flooded with excessive notifications.

I appreciate your understanding as we work on providing this feature to clients who prefer using the web app as you do.

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Does anyone know where it is set?

I gather from the BOT that the particular noise a Windows (10) pc will make is set in Windows, it’s not a T212 thing.
I can’t find it though, I’ve been through all the ones I can see.

I’d like it to be rather more discrete, without having to not turn all the volumes down.

Hey, @Punting - as far as I know, you can adjust the system notification sound for Windows by going to Settings > Personalization > Themes > Sounds > System Notifications.

Once you select the “System Notifications” field, you’ll be able to choose another sound from the “Sounds” dropdown menu :pray:

@WakeMeUp Portfolio volatility alerts are now available on the web app. :desktop_computer:

You can turn them on or off by going to “Settings” and then “Trading preferences”. The default alert threshold is set to 10%.

Some further feedback about the alert system. I’ve just received an alert that one of my stock has gone down by 10%. The problem is, its actually up 100% in the pre market. I got the alert that it is down because it was up 115% pre market and has fallen back to only 100%. Slightly misleading alert that it is 10% down and the market hasn’t even opened yet.

I say this with a smile. Obviously I’m not bothered about getting an alert when a stock is up 100% and it is amusing that the alert was that it’s down 10%. However, I think it is a useful example to consider. I still get multiple alerts for some companies.

One solution would be to look at day high/low and only generate one up and one down alert unless the price exceeds (up or down) the previous alert that day. This would help to prevent multiple alerts in one day but if the price is making new highs or lows it would still generate further alerts

Let me take a look. I’ll send you a DM as I’ll need a few more details to check the situation.