Profit calculation?

Ok so I can see the SELL button is visible but your order is being cancelled.

If you can click on a SELL where the arrow is what does it show

Are these SELL market orders or SELL limit orders that are being cancelled?

@David I assume it might be temporary but notice is cancelled rather than rejected. Just seeing if liquidity issue or something like placing a limit to too many places. Edit: actually just checking you can only place limits to two places anyway so it can’t be that.

@rvauk so I’ve just tried in my practice account a quick market order both buying and selling.

So you can see here 7.97 was the ASK but selling you’ll be getting the BID which is currently 7.48 so in this case selling at a loss.

@rvauk Just wondering if you tried again on the real version

Many more people than just T212 see your posts but the problem is that you don’t seem to understand what you are being told or the difference between buying and selling prices.

No one has stolen from you - you sold at a price lower than you paid for the stock so you lost money. Simple as that.

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This topic is either a really bad language barrier, or someone being a deliberate troll in the negative sense.

@rvauk upload the video to YouTube and share the URL. The community waits with baited breath. we will be the only ones watching, Millions of people aren’t interested in what happens here, truly.

This is the Community forum, not a private chat support, as you can tell from the URL:

@Team212 Can someone who speaks his native tongue please assist him via DM’s.

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