Promo code become invalid

Hi there, I have recently referred a family member to 212. Account has been setup and funds deposited. However when they have entered in my promo code for the free shares it is saying it is invalid? I have referred 2 other friends so far in the last 2 weeks and has been fine. Please could you advise? Thanks

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Coincidentally I’ve had the same issue. I’ve had about four people ask me for my code over the last two weeks and I’ve not received a single share.

I asked one of them today and asked them to try my code and this is what they saw.

They are UK based and have deposited £25 so should be no issue with eligibility at all.

I’ve messaged the contact address with their email address.

@Rumen @David

I have the same issue and never get a straight answer but would love to know why?

A few points which might assist with the troubleshoot:

  • The referrals should be residents of one of the following countries: The United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein or The Netherlands.
  • The code can be applied only in the first 7 days after the account activation.
  • All other relevant conditions of the promotion can be found here.
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@Tony.V I think it might actually be an issue.

I’ve now had five referrals over the last week, one last night at 9:58pm too.

These are all UK people and have funded.

That screengrab above saying not eligible is after signing up with my code.

I’ve known this person for thirty years + Definitely born and living in the UK. :sweat_smile:

Hi Tony,

Thanks for the reply. The free share has come through for both of us today. it seemed a bit strange as it said my code was invalid but nonetheless has now worked! However, I have another question. Are the shares selected at random as this was a £2k deposit but we only got a share worth £8… whereas when my brother set one up last week with £2k we got a £70 share. I was under the impression the amount of free share is relative the what is originally deposited upon open. Thanks

They are at random and the both inviter and invitee don’t get the same unless by luck. The amount deposited bares no impact.

I’m guessing you might have got National Grid? It’s my arch nemesis, I just keep getting it. :joy: My friend got Unilever.

I’ve just had mine processed too.

I’ve got one outstanding from last night, it’s does say allow up to three working days so I’ll contact again if that’s still not come through on Thursday.

@David @L.D can we please get the shares where only one is held to be removed from the leaderboard :pray:

I’d imagine out of the 41,689 people we have about 41,000 of those from being given a free share, and 689 actually buying it.

No one actually wants National Grid :rofl:

~Ten of the top 100 are only there from being given 1 share.

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Yes it was National Grid ha. However last week me and my brother got AMD which was nice! Ive done 3 referrals so far and we each got the same share… so much have been luck. I do feel however that it should be set relative to how much is deposited…


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nooo, those micro losses!! the horror :scream: