Referral Code not working

Hi, I gave my referral code to someone yesterday, only the second person that’s used it and they code a message saying invalid code, please can you help with this? My link is and we both get a free share!

Are they from UK or another of the eligible countries?

Good question, not sure they were on Instagram, will ask.

Yes, based in the uk @JimLahey can you help?

I’ve just had another friend say they are getting this message they have never used a code before, what’s cracking g off @JimLahey

You have to have joined within the last week without using a referral code for it to work. It won’t work with just anyone. Have those requirements been met?

Thank you for that, not with the second one, but the first chapped with ‘invalid code’ only joined yesterday.

Not sure. But unfortunately there’s not much you personally can do, as everyone of these posts they’ll just say your friend needs to message to ask the reason, as you’re not allowed to. So if you get them to email or use live chat if it opens that would probably work best

Ok fair enough, thank you for that. I think I’ll just write this one off then, just didn’t want there to be something wrong with my link/code. Cheers

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Try and make sure people use the link itself when they sign up and hope that works, and if not then they can try the promo code. Not entirely sure why I hasn’t worked but if I were you I would just tell them to message and check it out and then leave it with them to do, and if they don’t do it there’s not much you can do :relieved:

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