PSTH IPO expected 22 July - (note: common class not available on IBKR as of 22/07)

Don’t quote me on this, but I think this can’t be added due to warrants or something similar?

I’m sure I saw david mention this at some point.
Hope i’m wrong on this one.

Definitely need @David to confirm that.

I thought it was just the two other tickers today that held warrants. DEHU and MLACU.

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“One ninth of redeemable warrant”… is one ninth enough to disqualify from T212?

@David, ol’ buddy, definitely need your expertise please.

Is it trading yet?

No not yet. Checking daily.

BRLIU is available on T212 so I can’t see this as a reason for potentially not listing PSTH when it IPOs. I asked about SPAC Warrants a while ago which is perhaps where you read it @adm?

BRLIU: “Each unit consists of one ordinary share, no par value per share (“Ordinary Share”), one right, with each right entitling the holder to 1/10 of one Ordinary Share, and one warrant, with each warrant entitling the holder to purchase one Ordinary Share at a price of $11.50 per share.”


So @Joey_Fantana we might not be able to get this, which is odd given the above? :man_shrugging: Was just reading another thread (yesterday’s IPO one) and noticed @David’s comment which you may have missed …

It may be that BRLIU was added in error, and anyone with that, will struggle to receive their warrants through this platform currently? :thinking:

Everyone wants a part of this ipo why cant trading212 put up the ticker like they done on other platforms

I wonder if they could add it on CFD, as this is just a contract note then and not a direct ownership of the stock.

:speaker: Hopefully the trading gods @David - can advise. :innocent:

I’ve replied over on the Help forum to a similar post but I think there may be some issue with IB listing some SPACs at IPO ahead of their common class becoming tradable. Examples such as GSAH and KCAC have now been removed from IB too, which may be what’s prompted 212 to suspend trading on them and issue the mandatory sale notification.

On some SPAC filings I’ve read, they mention that the common share trades later than the warrants and units. If the latter are not supported, and are the only classes released at IPO, it may explain why we don’t/can’t/shouldn’t get some of the SPACs on IPO.

However, I am not certain on this so please do not take this as fact and I would very much welcome 212 to clarify, which I am sure they will at some point.


Definitely need this added. :ok_hand:

Hi all,

We’ve had it confirmed by T212 over on the recent SPAC post in the Help forum that this IPO, which is expected tomorrow, will not be immediately available to trade on this platform. We need to wait for the purely common class to be trading (not the unit class which can contain warrants which are not supported by T212), at which point it will be added to IB and therefore to T212.

I have another thread of post-IPO SPACs that are yet to be added to T212. I will add PSTH to that list and monitor it/IB daily for when the common class starts trading.

T212 have confirmed they have already updated their processes to prevent SPACs without pure common class securities (as these usually follow the units, which are not supported by T212) being listed inadvertently ahead of when the common class starts trading. Holders of the following should have received an in-app notification already, but I will add the following to my other thread and also monitor when the common class begins trading - this exhaustive list has been provided by T212:




Good man, @Arron - thanks for owning. I’m sure a lot of folk want into PSTH so will appreciate it.

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I know that we won’t be able to have it on T212 when it goes live, however it there an official date for the IPO?

Tomorrow allegedly;


So it’s on 212 but because it offers warrants with common stock are we going to have a the same problem as the other SPACS that did this

Seemingly not as they’ve added it today.

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I was also a bit surprised, but if they have added it its because this one is different (or T212 have increased their capabilities).

Thread title updated to reflect recent developments. As per others, I can’t find anything anywhere to suggest the common classes are debuting today too, only units. Additionally, again as per others, we can see the stock listed on T212 ‘ready’ so I am not sure if this is to quell requests but will stay locked until the commons begin trading in a few weeks (Ie a new process that David alluded to over on the Help forum), or T212 are now offering units, or some other explanation. Hopefully they may be along soon to clarify.


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