Quality of life suggestions for navigating the interface


So far I have enjoyed using the platform, after using many others.

However, I have a few small QoL suggestions that will make the usage of the interface a little bit smoother. So far I have been trading through 212 but looking at charts and indicators in other software.

  • The ability to set default chart types.
  • When you click Open Chart for an instrument, if there’s a chart already opened of the same instrument, don’t open a new window, but just focus on the existing one.
  • The same Right Click context menu should appear when you right-click a symbol from the search results, as it does in your current positions.
  • Add the ability to have persistent indicators through charts.
  • Extend the templating functionality to mobile.

Feel free to add anything you’ve found even slightly annoying about the platform below.


These two can be done on desktop by creating a template and setting as the default. Annoyingly the mobile doesn’t have templates.

While yes, I agree the result can be achieved through templates, I think the ability to have default templates is something we can both agree on can be quite nice.

It’s just about saving those 2 extra clicks you need per each window.

I’m on my phone atm but if you click on the padlock from memory it’ll turn it to be the default. No more two clicks.

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