QuantumScape haven’t opened?

Can anyone explain why QuantumScape haven’t opened this morning ( EST)…QS…the live feed elsewhere says the price has jumped more than 30% but on T212 it hasn’t moved at all ?


Wondering the same. Different price on T213 ISA unless I’m looking at a different instrument

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Hi. No. I have a very large position in QS and they’re trading now at $38 but still no movement here on T212. Both exciting and very frustrating

Since my last reply I have contacted QuantumScape Investor Relations and got a very swift and good reply…here is their answer

Hi Stephen…As the merger was just completed and shares began trading at 9:30 EST it is expected that there would be a lag in updating the data. We have alerted all of the platforms ahead of time and will monitor in the coming days to ensure that correct information is displayed as soon as possible .

Kind answer but very frustrating…and odd as the ticker on 212 was updated on Wednesday.

Hope this helps

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Having the same issue - the stock is at $34.24 as I type on Robin Hood, and it’s still showing as $23.33 (!!) and isn’t updating. Have contacted customer support about this but so far no answer

Yes they closed at $37 which is a hell of a lot of money for me. Good luck with customer service…they’ve been totally useless this week, so much so I’m thinking I’ll go to a more conventional broker

Out of interest, how did you get in before hand?

I’m happy to answer your question. What do you mean ? How did I discover Kensington / QuantumSpace ?

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Thanks - I would appreciate any answers. I have been investing in shares but only got into US shares last year and new to the SPAC space.

I understand the basic purpose of a SPAC but have a few questions as follows:

  • How can you get involved / buy SPAC companies early on? E.g. who did you invest in in the QuantumScape example, when and what platform?
  • I understand that there is an “intent” for a SPAC to acquire / merge etc. but is it possible to buy the company before this point? i.e. when they state their intent?
  • How many SPACs have you invested in?

Apologies for some basic learning questions but I really do appreciate it :slight_smile:

  1. This is purely a matter of research. You just have to read and read and read. Also some luck is involved. Believe it or not I first came across KCAC/QS via a video on social media. As I knew EVs are the hot ticket I followed up with lots of Googling and following of links. I work on my portfolio for at least eight hours a day and you begin to get a feel for things.
  2. Yes of course you can buy pre merger. You can buy pre announcement as well but that would be more of a gamble. You can google all the current SPACs in existence at the moment.
  3. I have invested heavily in QS around $14 and have a big return at this point. I believe there is still some way to go before inevitable profit taking knocks them back. However, with backers like Bill Gates, Qatar Sovereign Fund and VW this is a company with the kind of possibilities as big as Tesla.
    I have also invested in Longview, another Bill Gates backed SPAC and Pershing Square Tontine , the most liquid of all the SPACs at over 4 billion who have yet to divulge a target or targets. These two are still cheap in my view.

I hope this helps. Buyer beware :))

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What’s your thoughts when the warrants get exercised?

I’m interested in this one but it is going to be a very very long journey as I believe revenue isn’t anticipated to be generated for several years?

Hi…I found it very interesting that VW chose to announce that they are significantly accelerating their advance into EVs…the same day as the merger took place. I may be reading too much into that but as VW are a backer I think it may be significant.

You are right about the cautious time frame but it’s hard to believe that four years is their target for production. My hunch is they are further forward than their own prospectus cautions. Again I may be wrong.

I would definitely invest in QS for the long term but watch out for early volatility.

They’re presentation looked really impressive to be honest. Smaller, cheaper more powerful battery seems like a no brainier.

Valuation is obviously just a problem at this point.

The CEO was on CNBC on Friday, not caught up with it just yet though.

Thanks, I just found it on YouTube.