Question regarding deposit and withdrawal with Revolut

I believe that Brooklyn got confused. Once a sum is transferred over to us via card, then it cannot be automatically reissued back. So I guess that it’s just a matter of time until we find out what they have prepared. We also tried to reach them, so we can confirm what’s the case and what to tell our clients - no response, yet.


I got 2nd support engineer, bit more insight. Makes sense more, i can imagine if t212 plans to offer debit card and other services they should have also financial institution id…


My deposit through Revolut card went through instantly.
However I did a test withdraw and it is pending for 3 days now. I hope it will soon go through.

I made another test withdraw to N26 (June 30th) and still hasn’t come through. I’m not even sure whether I should lose for that 20 bucks now since it has been a week now.

I’m starting to seriously worry about the withdraw possibilities with trading212. I enjoyed the platform every which way so far. But withdraw seems to be bit of an issue. :no_mouth: :unamused:(

@rclakmal It seems that your trading account is registered with a different email from the one used here. Thus I can’t see what happened there. Can you share your ticket ID (if you have reached our customer care team already), so I can check further?

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Hi @Tony.V
Thanks for the very quick response.
Can you please double check
Because, it is the same email address that I have signed up for the trading platform and community.

@rclakmal Ops, my bad - found the account already & I can confirm that all transactions are executed accordingly on our end. It is entirely up to Revolut about when they’ll allocate the funds in your account.

Reach out our customer care team at, and they’ll provide you with refund transaction letter, which you may wish to send to Revolut & help them trace the funds.

Thank you @Tony.V
I will try my luck…

I just tried to deposit money (out of curiosity) with google pay (linked to my revolut virtual card), and it works. I got an email from Trading 212 that my account is successfully funded.

T212 changed merchant code, so Revolut card works fine. Cheeky move :slight_smile:


First of all, i funded my entire account on T212 via Revolut in USD, no problem. I was asked after exceeding 30k to provide a salary slip. But at no time my Revolut account got blocked.

Support, i have used support on Revolut about 5 times this year, and never waited longer than 5-10 minutes (have a free acct). BUT i used the in app chat support…

Not sure where In the post you’re replying to I said about issues with Funding? At beginning Revolut card didn’t work with T212(MCC got blocked), I suspect T212 changed MCC, sometimes in between April-June 2020… Thus Revolut card started working for T212.

Bank wire worked fine all the time.

As for Revolut support, the specific query for MCC blocking took them more then 16h to have live agent. For a premium user. Since, it has normalised back to minutes rather than hours.

I have sucessfully loaded T212 account with Revolut, total 7 times, around $1k USD total.

Withdraw $1500 USD on July 7, arrived back to my Revolut on July 10

Withdraw the rest on my T212 as a test on Aug 12, as of today Aug 17 I have not seen the money. T212 rep is due to send proof for me to chase up Revolut.

*** UPDATE ***

7 days after I have made the withdrawal, I have contacted Revolut and the rep said they have not received any payment from T212, and I should wait til end of the week. By Friday it would be 9 days (7 working days).

T212 support said 2 days ago they would send document to support that they have sent the payment, but so far nothing has arrived at my inbox.

I geniunely want to move my entire portfolio from Revolut to T212, this is not helping!

** UPDATE 2 ** Payments are now in my revolut account (20th Aug), however it was splited into 2 payments and dated back on 14th August. Looks like it was Revolut who held them up.

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Hello Vedrane, Is it possible TO make deposit FROM revolut to 212 via paypal and oposite?

Nowadays Revolut card works fine to top up at T212. So PayPal should work as well.

Bare in mind that when withdrawing money to PayPal, money is deposited to Cash balance of Paypal not to card aka Revolut.

That is OK, I was referring to your earlier posts when wasn’t possible to top up 212 with revolut directly. As per recent comments , looks that is now possible, right? What about pay tax in Croatia, do we have to consider it once you withdraw some profit from 212?

I used bank wire from Revolut to top up my T212 account several times with no fees. Unfortunately, tried another deposit yesterday and noticed that Revolut introduced $3.90 fee for the transfer. Guess I will have to try deposit funds with Revolut card. Is it still working? Also, my Revolut main account is in GBP, but T212 account in USD. I have additional USD account on revolut, if I transfer money using card will they charge my USD account or money will be automatically exchanged from GBP account?


This is new fee Revolut implemented since August.

It basically states that using non local currency transfers will cost X. Not sure if free account has 1 free transaction, I know premium and metal have 1 transaction free per month.

Anyway Card payment from Revolut is available since April/March.

So I would suggest switch to card top up.

If your local currency is GBP , but if you have enough USD for full transaction it will use USD. Otherwise by default it will use GBP. So watch out to not top up over weekend if you don’t have enough USD to avoid costly FX mark up fee.