Question regarding deposit and withdrawal with Revolut

Well my wish came true. 100USD = 614.63 HRK

While HPB top up came final at 622.72 HRK.

Difference between two, 1.31%.

Now you are sure that hpb does not change at the USD selling rate (632,69kn), as you thought before.

Btw., 6,24 hpb vs 6,18 revolut in my case, less than 1%. I could happen that hpb have better rates than revolut, for example on weekends. Ps. maybe there isn’t a 0.71% fee that I mentioned before, I forgot to send an e-mail to hpb.

Can you tell me where in the app he found that option, please? I can only find the SWIFT method :frowning:

Perhaps it depends on the fact that his Revolut account is in the UK.

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I would very much agree, only UK folks have option to top up USD without SWIFT.

Rest od EU, only SEPA free, meaning EUR account.

For EU residents I think really the only option is having EUR accaunts. This is only option to save some money on trasactions.