Question regarding deposit and withdrawal with Revolut

Well my wish came true. 100USD = 614.63 HRK

While HPB top up came final at 622.72 HRK.

Difference between two, 1.31%.

Now you are sure that hpb does not change at the USD selling rate (632,69kn), as you thought before.

Btw., 6,24 hpb vs 6,18 revolut in my case, less than 1%. I could happen that hpb have better rates than revolut, for example on weekends. Ps. maybe there isn’t a 0.71% fee that I mentioned before, I forgot to send an e-mail to hpb.

Can you tell me where in the app he found that option, please? I can only find the SWIFT method :frowning:

Perhaps it depends on the fact that his Revolut account is in the UK.

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I would very much agree, only UK folks have option to top up USD without SWIFT.

Rest od EU, only SEPA free, meaning EUR account.

For EU residents I think really the only option is having EUR accaunts. This is only option to save some money on trasactions.

So it seems Revolut bank wire is no longer a viable option, at least for non UK residents.

This came as a nice surprise. Intermediary fee… Just few months back there were non of those…


Ouch 1.6% of fees! I’ve been having difficulty minimising costs with SEPA transfers as well(even though it’s mostly meant to be free). Not sure I’ve seen a great solution to it yet.

Omg… big fee indeed.
Now the 0.7% card top-up T212 have seems small in comparison.
I can feel your pain, there is no free option for investors from my country Romania.
And i’m sure same issue in other countries also.
That is why i propossed to T212 @admins @Team212 to make the first card top-up in a new month free.
But no reply from them since then, unfortunately.


It’s a difficult one right. If 212 pick up a deposit fee from their partner, how do they ‘eat up’ the costs from the first deposit you are proposing each month?

It does seem in this day and age, banks are making it increasingly difficult to make free transfers.