Rating T212 Chat Advisors

Shocked at the level of competences of some of the chat advisors on the app. How do they get hired? Do they go through trainings? I conversed with one recently where the advisor was asking me to do his research? Extremely poor from T212.

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I’ve found the ones I’ve dealt with fairly helpful to date, perhaps it’s how you phrased your question?

An example would be good.

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Apologies for the experience you’ve had with our customer service agent.

The chat could have been handled better. Hopefully, this experience won’t deter you from contacting us again, as we are confident that we can reclaim your trust in our next interactions.

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I asked about how many shares of a spin off I’m entitled to & if they could give me some information. On that a vague response was given in that ‘hey this is the latest information’ the company has posted, giving a link to old news :newspaper: sent by the company. However, on the same investors page they had the latest investors available. It’s so creepy that he didn’t bother to look.

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If you spoke to me the way you did the agent Id have just ended the chat.


Thank you.

All I need is to clarify how many shares of cryptyde I’m entitled to since I own Vinco Ventures. The Company Vinco Ventures have asked to contact broker to clarify such matters.

I would appreciate if someone can confirm how many shares of TYDE shares i am entitled.

Below is a screenshot from our provider that includes the distribution ratio. Still, additional details must be cleared before confirming the precise number of shares each eligible shareholder is entitled to.


Great :+1: very helpful.

To clarify I’m able to add to my shares before the ex-date and those shares will entitle me to the TYDE dividend with the 1 for every 10 shares of Vinco ventures. Ex date 30/6/2022.

Let’s say if I buy $BBIG shares now, does that not entitle me to the TYDE shares? Even thought it’s still before ex div?

Looking forward to your insightful clarification

Since I’m not a member of the 212 team, I don’t need to be nice. The way you spoke to Veselin was extremely rude, and you’re clearly forgetting that that’s a real human behind the screen. Here’s what you must realise:

  1. It is not realistic to expect one person to understand everything that is going on with every company.
  2. Customer service cannot give you advice. They can give you the factual information they’re aware of. Don’t expect them to take personal liability to try and tell you what you want.
  3. He cleared up that they will communicate the information when it’s available to them.

Please be courteous to other human beings and stop expecting people to be perfect.


Another human being.


I would agree with the above comments - you could have been a little more ‘polite’.

Also - imagine the work involved if every user asked how many new shares they were entitled to in a corporate action. Institutions do not do this, they work it out from the investor communications from the company, if retail investors need to have their hand held, perhaps we should pay more for the service?


You should have popped your blonde wig on mate and asked to speak to his manager :joy::joy::joy:

What a Karen!


I was told by one of the agents that I am entitled to 114 shares of the Cryptyde shares. I’m afraid with the recent experience if in case that agent will twist or come up with a new explanation at a later date saying I’m entitled to much less.

I’m kind of afraid that the agent are not trained enough, hence wanted to confirm.

I hope the agent is right and I get the 114 shares of Cryptyde as mentioned.

@Team212 @Bogi.H @B.E . In case they change or come up with twisted explanation later, I have screenshot the chat.

The " good old" Bloomberg workstation. It makes me go back in time, to the 80s, due to his visual design. Although it’s a wonderful source of data/information.


Work it out yourself. It’s not their job to tell you.


The fractional share round down on the Bloomberg data is important.

Realistically the OP should be checking out the same investor relations area of the company they researched before buying the shares. It should be there the terms.

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When your on the books of trading 212 it’s easy to talk like this.

This is normal. Most other brokers have done the same. It’s not unreasonable to ask or confirm. There are tons of tweets about other brokers explaining people about the ratio / ex dividend and many other issues regarding Vinco Ventures.

Gimmie a break. You spoke like an asshole to this guy when you should have been able to work this out yourself.

When they pay you incorrectly, which knowing trading212 is very possible (how’s that for on the books) then you should query.


When I see someone not very good in the chat support I just imagine that it’s hard to always land a good employee for that role. I just use the rating to give feedback and done.

That sadly doesn’t always happen and I sometimes reply like you did.
But then I realize it neither helped me, cuz I just got frustrated, and neither the other person, cuz they’re not better bcuz of it, so no point in it rly.

Thankfully I can’t recall any bad encounter with T212 support. I remember only having very good ones and even made a thread about it IIRC.
I’d say it’s a competitive advantage for them at this point. Hopefully one they’re looking to keep.

I like this place & I got used too it. With all its defects, I’m still around.

I hope they keep improving over time.

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This u?

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