Really late dividend payments

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I’m still expecting dividend payment from UGI from January 1st, but have been noticing that all my dividend payments are coming in about a week after actual payment date. T. Rowe Price’s payment date was on the 30th of December, but got paid out yesterday. Coca-Cola’s payment date was the 15th of December, but paid on the 24th.

I’m not outraged or angry, but of course there must be a reasoning behind this (as it was pretty close to actual payment date before Q4) I’d like to understand. For example, if it was due to the massive influx of new investors increasing the workload that is of course understandable.

Of course with pie investing (awesome feature) many people use it for dividend investing. It would be good to pull the crediting dates close to actual payment dates for obvious reasons. Is there anything on the roadmap to make dividend payments more efficient? It’d be comforting to know if it’s something that will be worked on in the future.

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I have the same issue, a lot of my dividends come around a week late. I wish 212 would sort this out along with other corporate actions

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To be fair, while T212 is consistently slower that my others accounts to pay out dividends, my brokerage account with my bank is pretty much just as slow 🤷 while rarely it gets paid on payment date, I’m still waiting for 30/12 dividends there, so it kinda feels unfair to be mad at T212 for the same issue.

Only the very few dividends i got on Bux 0 were always paid on payment date.

Great post! This has been mentioned frequently across the forum this past week. Would be great to hear more about thier internal process.

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I understand that, I’m actually not asking for same day dividends, I know it’s very hard and not really worth it but at least less than a 1 week I’m sure 212 can implement that.

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@spoe The UGI dividend has been distributed today.

We try to keep the dividend distribution as fast as possible. However, we cannot pay out the dividends on the official pay date since we have to receive them from IB in the first place.

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Understandable. Is the payout from IB to you that late, therefore completely in their hands?